10 Reports That Using A Professional Patent Attorney For Your Claim Is Worth It

Apr 05, 2018  
Patent Attorney

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Regardless of federal policy, global markets will continue to provide new high-growth opportunities. The once cottage-industry is evolving. Protection of intellectual property, patients, trademarks and their adherence to the rule of law is fundamental. Preparing to formalize your company’s intellectual property is a strategic progression within the business lifecycle. When properly executed, the IP increases the organization’s value and furthers its ability to expand, brand and innovate. TCMS Global welcomes attorney Mr. Weatherspoon, Ph. D., to the team to guide our clients through the next phase of their business and beyond. Mr. Weatherspoon is a patent and trademark attorney specializing in patent and trademark law with over 15 years’ experience practicing patent law in both technological and pharmaceutical industries and critical to the next evolution of the cannabis industry.

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