Escobar Said His Office Was Not Able To Confirm Or Corroborate Whether Any Votes Were Cast In Chapa’s Name After His Death Because That Issue Was Handled Out Of The Ag’s Office.

Apr 08, 2018  

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We will pursue the individuals responsible for any fraudulent votes and strive to bring them to justice.” Although District Attorney Omar Escobar confirmed that information was forwarded to the DA’s office regarding votes cast under the name of a deceased individual, it was not under Blas Chapa’s name. “We have subpoenaed records from the elections (administration) and that’s something that we’re currently investigating,” Escobar said, adding that the aforementioned votes cast under a deceased person’s name occurred during a 2016 election. Escobar said his office was not able to confirm or corroborate whether any votes were cast in Chapa’s name after his death because that issue was handled out of the AG’s office. However, he clarified that since ACRU first filed the lawsuit against Starr County, the AG’s office has obtained information of which he may not be aware. “I don’t know if (Chapa) is a possible dead person that they have been able to find, I wouldn’t be able to say,” Escobar said. “I just don’t know.” The lawsuit filed by the ACRU accuses the county of violating the National Voter Registration Act, or NVRA, by allegedly not maintaining clean voter rolls. The ACRU alleges that the county has more registered voters than there are people who are actually eligible to vote. Court proceedings for the lawsuit, which The Monitor has reported on since they began in 2016, are scheduled to resume later this month with a pretrial hearing. In accusing Starr of making false statements, Allison falsely stated that The Monitor had repeated Starr’s claim about Chapa.

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